48 Hours

I never knew so much could happen in 48 hours. The 48 hours that my team spent doing ministry in a small town in the heart of Romania changed our lives forever. In that town our eyes were opened to the realities facing impoverished families in Romania; we had the chance to not only encourage, but be encouraged by the pastor that we came to serve; we had “loaves and fishes” moments where we saw God take what little we had and turn it into more than enough to satisfy; we saw a flicker of hope ignite in the eyes of a young boy who became part of our team family; and we even got a little glimpse of what Heaven will be like as we sang praises to the Lord in English while our brothers and sisters around us sang in Romanian. Just when I thought I could not love this country any more, I fell completely head-over-heels in love for a place where God met us in every moment where we needed Him to and where the people changed my life through their hospitality and love. I was reminded over and over again that God does not lead us somewhere and then abandon us; He takes us right to where we need to be so that we can see Him work. God leads us to the places where we must cease, relying on Him alone to carry us forward.

The heart behind Remember the Children (RtC) is what continues to draw me back to this ministry. No matter what we are doing, God is always glorified and people walk away knowing a little more about how much God loves them. I want to challenge you to step out in faith, trust the Lord, and take a trip with RtC because you will get the opportunity to love on kids in places that do not get a lot of visitors. Andy Baker has put an incredible amount of time and effort into building relationships, and it is his patience and genuineness that have opened doors that are closed to so many others. The children that you are brought along to meet are seeking to be known and shown that they are loved. By partnering with Andy and RtC you get to make a difference in these kids’ lives; you get to hug those that feel forgotten, you get to bring joy to those that are hurting, and you get to share the Gospel with those that need to know their Savior. I am so fortunate to be involved with this ministry and all it is doing. When you choose to travel with RtC you become a part of something that matters. You get to experience what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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More About Katie

Hey there, I’m Katie Coon! I am a Liberal Studies major at William Jessup University, graduating in the spring with my teaching credential. My school has been sending teams to Romania with Remember the Children for several years now, and this summer was my second time joining RtC in Romania.