We believe in the power of families.


Forever Homes

Each child that comes through our doors is placed in a 'forever home'-- a family with devoted house parents.  These parents raise the kids as their own and are committed to the role until all children have reached adulthood.  Placing children in families significantly increases healing from trauma and the ability to reintegrate into society, as compared to children who live in government orphanages.  The children we care for have grown significantly during their time in our families-- they experience healing, freedom, and the love of Christ!

In our homes, children receive:

A Loving Family

Each set of house parents is extensively interviewed and vetted.  They are committed to raising the children until adulthood, and are passionate about God's work with the orphaned in the world.  They have a heart for this ministry and want to make a difference.  We love our house parents and are deeply grateful for them, for their hard work truly makes a difference in the children's lives.



Food, Housing, and Medical Care

We ensure that all needs are met for each child.  Every home is built through Remember the Children, every child receives 3 meals a day, and every child receives medical care.  Our kids are given everything they need in order to grow up strong and healthy, so they can be adults that contribute to society and lead their peers.


Each child is required to go to school and must graduate from high school. In addition, each child receives tutoring and support when needed.  Children are able to break cycles of poverty by receiving an education!  When they reach adulthood, they are given the opportunity to continue their studies in universities, or they receive guidance in how to acquire a trade and begin working.




Biblical Mentorship and Church Involvement

We believe in the wisdom of Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it."  The way is Jesus, and we are committed to presenting opportunities for children to accept Christ and follow him.  Each child is also required to attend church every week, and is connected to a church congregation.

Our orphan homes are made possible by our child sponsors.  Become one today!