House of Hope

Located in Satu Mare, "House of Hope," is actually two homes that have 25 previously orphaned children. These children are being care for by Mihai and Dana Micula and their staff. The children are being raised in a loving family environment. Your sponsorship helps to provide these children with the overall monthly care that they need from basic necessities to schooling and spiritual upbringing. They are transitioning from feeling lost and uncared for to being loved and valued. Each child has a unique story and because of the overall cost of the program they have multiple sponsors. However, you and your sponsorship are playing a vital role in bringing hope to these children.

Cost: $35

Santandrei (Village Outreach)

This is a unique opportunity to reach out to the Roma/Gypsy villages in Santandrei. Our partnership here is child focused, but we also reach out to the families in practical ways that are beneficial both materially and spiritually. Currently we are impacting two villages in this community. The program is a one-to-one sponsorship, where you as a sponsor can make a big impact on a child's life. The program is administered by Danny and Claudia Bagosi. They meet twice a week with the children in both villages.

cost: $35

Tetchea (Community Program)

Our newest sponsorship program is in the village of Tetchea. This is a church program reaching out to the local community. The program is being administered by Dorin and Dorinda Popa who pastor the church. The Tetchea program meets 1-2 times weekly and its aim is to provide a safe environment where the children can be engaged, encouraged and feel valued. This is a one-to-one sponsorship and your partnership allows the children to be fed, receive educational tutoring, learn English and receive both social and spiritual guidance.