A Story of Transformation

In Romania, many children who are ‘orphans’ are not orphans in the literal sense.  This was the case with Ana.  At age 12, her family was one of abuse and she was kicked out.  She lived with her grandmother for a year, and when her grandmother died, Ana was sent to a state facility to enter the orphan system.  In this facility, Remember the Children staff met Ana and offered her a home with House of Hope, our orphan care home in Romania.  

In House of Hope, Ana flourished.  She learned she is loved by God and deeply cared for.  She began to forgive her father for the abuse she endured, although she felt she couldn’t forget it.  However, a few years after coming to House of Hope, she saw her biological father at an Evangelistic Rally and chose to approach him.  He asked her to walk forward with him to accept Christ.  Ana’s father became a Christian and has asked her for forgiveness for past issues.  Their relationship was a place of healing for them both, and she now feels she can move forward in full forgiveness towards her dad.

Unfortunately, her father recently passed away at the age of 44.  There is no immediate family to take care of the funeral needs, therefore Remember the Children would like to help Ana cover the funeral costs.  Our goal is $3,000 to cover every expense incurred by his untimely death.

If you would like to support this endeavor, please email Andy Baker to receive a link of her story, or visit our Donate Page and write ‘Ana’s Father’ in the comments.

We thank you in advance for your generous prayers and support!