From the Field: Shelby Gore

by Shelby Gore

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Working with Remember the Children has been fulfilling both spiritually and physically.  The gypsy kids in Romania are ready to pour their energy into any outlet, which why they must be taught about the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for people of every nationality at this point in their life.  Their minds are easily molded, so introducing the benefits of a Christian lifestyle could alter the trajectory of their whole life.

One of my favorite memories from my time in Romania was at a week-long camp in Baba Novak.  It is weird to say that the goodbye was my favorite part, but it when the kids were open and raw with their words and emotions.  When they say “I’ll miss you,” or “I’ll never forget you,” or “When will I see you again?” It made me believe that the time I spent with them was valuable and treasured. I have met people that I will never forget and I believe that these relationships will ultimately give glory to God. Whenever I will share parts of my trip, I will consider my time spent with the children in fellowship as the most precious.