Christmas Hope Recap

by Alan Meneely

How would I summarize the week of Christmas Hope 2018? 

I don’t think it is possible to summarize the week. It can only be described in moments. 


It’s the contagious laughter of a young boy giggling as he received his gift bag. 

It’s a room filled with children, smiling and excited after waiting hours for us to arrive. 

It’s making that special connection with the child you sponsored and giving a hug. 

It’s the children of Santandrei clinging to your hand or huddling close, longing for affection. 

It’s the children at House of Hope singing about Jesus and welcoming you wholeheartedly into their lives. 

It’s the parents in the villages giving huge, beaming with joy, so thankful that you care about their children. 

It’s the pastors heartfelt gratitude as they expressed how meaningful it was to know their community is cared about, 

It’s Danny Bagosi’s humorously inviting us to sing to the people in English, and then leading us in a chorus of Feliz Navidad. 

It’s the leadership of Andy and Katrina and their compassion and love for the people, evidenced by the relationships they have built. 

It’s Mama’s hospitality and cooking (it’s all about the donuts) and her generous spirit. 

It’s all of these moments and that are yours to cherish. They live in your memory. They touch your heart. And it is all because of the simplest of things: You love people with the love of Jesus. It costs nothing but motivates you to give your all. It promises you nothing but gives you more than you could ever imagine.