I'm Allyssa, born and raised in small-town Kansas and transplanted to Romania. My husband, Răzvan, has lived his whole life right here in Romania. God gave us each a heart for making Him known in Romania. Then, God brought us together and revealed our shared loves: mountains, popcorn, reading, traveling, dogs, & board games. Most importantly, God has given us a shared vision and desire to make the hope of Christ known among the orphans and outcasts of Romania.

We find ourselves serving, loving and teaching in many ways. Whether we are serving little, love-hungry children in the orphanage; young, aspiring adults at our church; poor, Roma families in the village; young, single mothers who grew up in the orphanage; vulnerable pre-teen & teen girls in the orphanages; or even stressed-out, fellow missionaries…our goal is to continually make the hope of Christ known.

If you'd like to join our prayer team or know more about what we do please email us!