Roger Clark


Dr. Roger Clark is a husband, father, and grandfather who lives in Bloomington, Indiana. He spent nineteen years in Christian higher education in various roles from Instructor to Vice President of Academics. His desire to serve the local church led him to Sherwood Oaks Christian Church in South Central Indiana where he is in his twenty-fifth year. Roger has advanced degrees in music, education and organization/leadership. In his spare time, he likes to travel, read, and play in a local classic rock cover band.
Roger and his wife, Wanda, have been to Romania many times and support the mission and vision of Remember the Children. Roger currently serves as the president of the RtC board. There are so many memories associated with their time in Romania, but the most memorable are those of the forgotten children who, in the midst of poverty and extreme conditions, just want love and attention. Rtc's child sponsorship initiative gives these kids a hand up as they attempt to succeed at school. Another memory is a trip with Dr. David Wolf where Roger served as David’s dental assistant. The amount of suffering relieved during that trip was amazing. RtC is making a difference with our mission partners, and the Clarks have experienced it first-hand.