Transforming Communities Through the Hope of Christmas

Every year, we celebrate Christmas with the communities we serve in Romania.  It begins with a Back Sack, but it leads to an understanding of the hope and and joy that can be made by the coming Christmas.  Keep reading to hear how you can impact the life of a child this Christmas!


Two Ways to Get Involved:


Purchase a Back Sack


Join us in Romania



Sponsor a bag and write an encouraging message focused on Christmas.

We will provide a reusable sack filled with needed items and a few goodies.  Everything is purchased in Romania to invest in the local economy.

Request a card using the button below.  Submit your card and donation by November 15, 2019 to your church’s collection site or mail it to our office.

$900 plus airfare

December 13-21, 2019

Join us in delivering the Back Sacks to orphanages, hospitals, and communities in Romania.  We throw Christmas parties where we distribute the bags and have a ton of fun!

To request more information or have your church participate in this outreach, please contact Andy Baker using the button below.


You're Right, Our Program Looks a Little Different This Year!

In the past we distributed Boxes of Hope. We realized we have the opportunity to steward our resources better and invest in the local economy.  The national government was also frowning upon importing goods from outside of their economy.  This new program is a win-win as we not only provide for the children, but we invest our resources in the local economy helping with job growth and stability.  If you have any questions about the program change, feel free to contact us!  We'd love to chat with you further.

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Get Involved Today!

Want your impact to extend into the rest of the year?  Check out our Get Involved page to learn more.