We believe transformation begins with kids.


Reach the children, reach the village.

The community leader of a village once told our Executive Director, "because you love and help our children, I trust you."  Therefore, our village ministry starts with caring for the children.  We operate an after school program for the villages that assists kids with school fees, helps them with homework, and teaches them Bible lessons.   Through this program, we have seen children improve their studies, learn life skills, and become believers in Christ.  Then, a ripple effect occurs.  Adults trust Remember the Children because we love their children.  We are then able to mentor adults, help them find jobs, and teach them about Christ.  Over the years, we have seen villages thrive both spiritually and socioeconomically- all because we began to love their kids.

In our program, children receive:



Each child is required to go to school and must graduate from high school.  We assist them with school fees, uniforms, and everything else they need in order to be successful in their studies.  Children are able to break cycles of poverty by receiving an education!  These children go on to either attend universities or aquire trades to begin working.  As adults, they are members of society who can contribute and lead!



Tutoring and Homework Help

After school, the children are required to work on homework with our staff and receive tutoring when needed.  They are held accountable for their schoolwork and are able to thrive in their studies, because they receive the help and support they need.  We have seen children improve their grades tremendously, simply because they have they are held resposnible for their homework.


School Supplies and Snacks

Each child receives school supplies for their studies, so they can have the necessary tools to thrive in school.  Generally, they recieve backpacks, paper, pencils, and anything else their school requires for students.  In addition, they receive snacks during homework time so they can focus and enjoy a fun treat!


Bible Lessons

During our after-school program, children receive Bible lessons in addition to their tutoring and homework help.  They are learn Bible stories, memorize verses, sing songs, and learn the foundations of the Christian faith.  During the summer, our mission teams facilitate Vacation Bible School for the villages, so they can increase their knowledge of the Bible and recieve more opportunities to accept the Gospel.

Village Transformation is made possible by our child sponsors.  Become one today!