Tanzania Family Home Program

As a growth of RtC's ministry and vision, we are embarking on a new adventure in Tanzania, Africa! With our focus on children and orphans, it seems a logical choice to follow God into a country that has over 2 MILLION orphaned children. We believe that God has opened this door and called us forth. It is our dream to develop a village of 10 family homes in Tabora. Each home would have a set of parents that, in turn, would adopt into their family 10 orphaned children. In June of this year we purchased 15 acres in order to begin building the homes.

Our Partners

Our partners in this venture are Mircea and Lidia Toca. They have been our partners for over 20 years in Romania and feel that God has placed this on their hearts. They raised 19 orphaned children over 23 years and fully understand the difference that can be made in a child's life. Truly, God has taken what was started in Romania, and is now bringing it to Tanzania! We are thrilled to be partnering with their "Eternal Family"program.

The Family Program

Our first family is in place with a rental home. Justine and Catherine Nyabaga are our houseparents. Justine is an evangelist and bible teacher and Catherine works as a caregiver. They are currently raising 3 children of their own and have 7 orphans they have taken in.

Our desire is to start with this family and provide for the overall monthly care of the children. As this program grows, we will begin to partner further, adding more homes and families. By clicking below, you will be able to see the child profiles available for sponsorship! As with all our programs, child sponsorship is only $35/Monthly. We are offering a family sponsorship for $100/Monthly if you would rather help the entire family instead of an individual sponsorship!