Spring 2017

We are growing! As I mentioned in my last update we have started the two new projects in Romania. Both our second village in Santandrei and our new program in Tetchea are up and running. Already we have 6 sponsorships in Village 2 and 10 sponsors in Tetchea. We are blessed by our partners Danny Bagosi (Santandrei) and Dorin Popa (Tetchea) who are coming alongside the children and making a difference. Even better are our sponsors who are willing to partner with us and offer hope to these children. As of this writing we have grown to 213 fully engaged sponsors representing 245 child sponsorships. Our biggest news yet was our April 1st announcement. It wasn’t a prank! We are now expanding into Tanzania. More details below but we now have our first family hope and already have 3 sponsors helping to support the program. As we grow changes occur and at the end of this month we will be leaving the community of Ciumeghiu. It was not an easy decision but one the Board felt had to be made. All sponsors were notified and have several options open to continue their partnership with us. We are moving into summer which means college teams are heading to Romania to visit our partners and work with the children. I will be making a visit from 6/2-6/17 to both Romania and Tanzania and look forwarding to updating you all.

Project Updates:

House of Hope: The children here are doing exceptionally well under Mihai and Dana’s care. In fact; they have now added a new child to their hope. He is Valentin and is the younger brother of Sara and Valentina. Spread the word that he is available for sponsorship. Currently he does not have a sponsor.


Santandrei:  Danny is continuing to pour into the children in both communities. Children in Village 2 recently received new shoes and visiting groups often provide food bags to the families. Easter of course is a time of celebration and food bags were given to every family in both villages. (insert food bag picture) if you remember in the last newsletter we mentioned that Nelu had accepted Christ. His son Robert (one of our sponsored children) came to that decision also!  Sponsorship makes a difference


 This program is pouring into the local community. Currently Dorin has spent a lot of his own time improving the church and the facilities. He has installed indoor plumbing so the old facility outside could be removed. This created a great play field for the children. The program here is meeting primarily once a week on Sundays as he and his wife minister to the children through worship, discipleship and relational activities. This Easter they had a special Easter program for the entire church. We are looking forward to watching this program grow especially this summer.


Tanzania: This program is just beginning. We are partnering with Mircea and Lidea Toca who have been involved with RtC and raising orphans in Romania for a long time. They have been called to Tanzania where we will work alongside of them.  The goal is to create 10 orphan homes in a community. Each home will have a set of parents and 10 orphans. This is a model that has successfully worked in Romania and it will be exciting to see what God does with it in Tabora, Tanzania. Already we have our first home established under the care of Justine and Catherine Nyabaga. Similar to House of Hope there are multiple sponsors for each child as we are providing for their complete daily care. In addition we started a “family sponsorship” ($100/monthly) for those that are more interested in the bigger picture rather than just a child sponsorship. Feel free to contact me for details. I will be in Tanzania in June and look forward to updating you all.


Final Thoughts

I am always amazed by God’s timing and the things He does. In the past year as we have grown God has been faithful to our ministry, our partners and the children. We are now 21 years old and I believe He has the best to come for us. Continue to keep Remember the Children in your prayers.