Winter 2017

Welcome 2017! Another new year and I am totally amazed at how fast 2016 flew by. I am coming up on my first anniversary with Remember the Children and am thrilled at all the blessings this ministry has received. We added a brand-new project in the summer of last year in Santandrei. In addition, our other programs continue to grow and serve the children. We know have over 190 fully engaged sponsors representing 237 child sponsorships. On behalf of the board and staff of RtC I can only say: “THANK YOU!” Without you, our sponsors, we would not be making the difference we are with the children. As I begin to look forward I can only see exciting times coming. Within the next month or two we will be adding (2) new projects to our programs. The first one will be the addition of the other Roma/gypsy village in Santandrei. The second project will be a new program in Tetchea that will be overseen by our partners Dorin and Dorinda Popa. 

Project Updates:

House of Hope: The children are doing amazingly well. Our Christmas teams made several visits there to celebrate birthdays, Christmas and to work on some sponsor letters with the kids. (Look for them to be coming sometime soon). Also, all the letters and gifts that you sent were delivered. I may not look like Santa but I felt like it.

Santandrei:  Danny is doing great work in both villages. With our sponsorship program and continuing visits relationships are forming and we are seeing changes. Nelu, the head of the one village, recently accepted Christ. Praises for that! Part of your sponsorship dollars went to make sure each child in the program had a winter coat. Remember part of sponsorship is making sure a child’s basic needs are being met. 

Ciumeghiu:  The afterschool program continues to grow. Average attendance is around 70 children weekly which is encouraging. One interesting fact is that David offered an incentive for the children this Fall. Based on attendance, memory work and overall engagement the children could earn shopping bucks. In December, the overall top earners were invited on a shopping trip. There they could purchase anything they wanted but chose to invest in new clothes, boots and other important things. They are understanding that “needs” are more important than “wants. Sometimes we all need a lesson in this. 

Final Thoughts:

I continually pray for all the children in our programs and for those yet to come. I also encourage you to do so. Lives are being changed and impacted. We are making a difference! Starting with this Connection I am going to move to sending it out 4 times a year on a seasonal basis. It is my hope that by doing this we can be more informative. However, if you ever have a question or concern do not hesitate to reach out to me. Keep Andy in prayer as he shortly heads over to Romania for a month to work with some church planting. 


Chuck Guth
Director of Operations/Sponsorship Engagement
410-877-8452 (office)
410-446-8127 (cell)