August 2016

As we begin to wind down on Summer things are beginning to heat up for Remember the Children and our Sponsorship program. Just this week we reached a major milestone with over 200 hundred active sponsors. What an amazing blessing! Lives are being changed in Satu Mare, Chimeghiu, and Santandrei. You all are making a difference and for that I can only say “THANKS!” Welcome to those that have joined us! Last month I had an opportunity to visit each of our programs and am excited to share some news.

Project Updates:

HOH Backpacks[1] copy.jpg

House of Hope: The children are doing awesome. They loved the backpacks and I am sure are getting excited about school.  We had the opportunity to sit down and update profile pictures and get letters written. If you are a sponsor with House of Hope keep an eye out for a letter arriving in your mailbox.  As a note we needed to update the profile pictures as the children are getting older.

So-if you would like an updated photograph of your sponsored child please send me an email and I will forward you one back that you can print out. 

Santandrei: We opened up this program on July 5th and already have 7 sponsors connected with their children. Our partner Danny is fully on board and is engaging the children right now with weekly visits and VBS type programming. My group spent about 3 days in the villages and the children were completely engaged with us. Keep this program in prayer as it grows.

Ciumeghiu:  The afterschool program continues to grow. Average attendance is around 25-30 children for each session. Prayers are requested as they transition from the summer program to the traditional back to school programming. We only had an afternoon here but attendance was good and the kids were very active with program. 

Letter and Gift Policy:

After meeting with our partners in Romania we have established the following letter and gift policy. We wanted to establish something that was fair for everyone involved. Remember not all children get letters or gifts from their sponsors so we wanted to keep that in mind.

We will take over small items such as coloring books, stickers, hair ribbons, paper crafts, greeting cards, postcards and pictures. All gift items must fit flatly within a quart sized plastic bag labeled with who it goes to and who it is from. Letters are always welcome and should be sent to the office (same for gifts) All items will go over when one of us travels there next which is typically once a quarter. You can expect letters from your sponsored child at least 2-3 times a year. 

If you want to do a more substantial gift is should be done on the website in a monetary form. You would click the donate button enter the amount. Under “Designation” put either annual gift or birthday gift and in the “Notes” you would put the childs name. The guideline on these gifts is 1x a year with a maximum amount of $25-$50 dollars. Our partner over there would then buy an appropriate gift with the child and hopefully send me a picture. Christmas gifts will be the Boxes of Hope that we deliver to all of the children.

Final Thoughts:

You are important Advocates for our ministry and our Sponsorship programs. You see the difference that you are making and I encourage you to reach out to others and tell them about our work in Romania. Remember our website is a valuable tool. You can direct others to visit the site or to even sponsor a child also. We have several profiles onsite for each project. It is as easy as “click and sponsor”.

In October Sarena Dalton will again be touring on behalf of our ministry. You won’t want to miss this as we are embarking on a new project with House of Hope. Please keep her tour in prayer. Also please pray for the community of Tetchea. This will be our next sponsorship opportunity (Early 2017) and we want God’s hand involved as we develop this.

Blessings and Thanks!
Chuck Guth
Director of Child Sponsorships
410-877-8452 (office)
410-446-8127 (cell)