June 2016

Welcome to our second newsletter update! Without valuable sponsors like you RtC would not be capable of providing the love and hope that you offer through your partnership. I thank each of you for taking Colossians 3:12 to heart and being a part of these children's lives.

Things are really beginning to happen with our Sponsorship program. Just over the past two months we have added 10 new sponsors. Welcome to those that have joined us! Below I will provide you with some of the specific project updates as well as some exciting news about things to come. In the mean time if you ever have any questions or concerns please reach out to me. I am here to assist you in making your sponsorship valuable to both you and your sponsored child.

Project Updates:

House of Hope:

All of the children are doing well. Thank you for your continuing prayers for all of the children, Mihai, and Dana. I know how hard it was just trying to raise 2 daughters so I can imagine how this is magnified 25x. Prayers are always welcomed.

Thank you to all who donated extras funds the past few months so we could purchase school backpacks for the children and also provide a summer camp experience. You are a blessing. 


We are preparing ground for the new building that we are building for the Roma/gypsy villages. This is the next project to come online. I am currently working on the child profiles and shortly this will be open for sponsorships. Danny is already meeting with the children. He is requesting prayer for the summer program. Several teams will be visiting there this summer and will be doing outreach programs~pray that relationships continue to grow.


The afterschool program continues to grow. Average attendance is around 25-30 children for each session. Prayers are requested as they transition from a school type program to a summer type curriculum. Pray the children stay engaged and interested. They have also started a sports type program in order to reach out more to the teens and plant some seeds.

Final Thoughts:

I am going over to Romania July 13th-23rd to meet with our partners and fine tune some of policies and plans. I am looking forward to this time over there. I will be taking over those backpacks & some gifts that have been sent to the office. I will try to capture some of those special moments for sponsors. I am asking at this point that we place a hold on sending gifts until I can get a concrete policy in place. I am looking at ways to make this fair for all children involved and not just those sponsored. Letters are always welcome. Please send them here to my attention at the RtC office. If you want me to take some over in July please forward them to the office by no later than July 10th.

Remember our website is a valuable tool. You can direct others to the site to sponsor a child also. We have several profiles onsite for each project. It is as easy as "click and sponsor".

Some exciting news is coming up. In August we will be having two Anniversary celebrations for RtC's 20th anniversary. One is in Indiana and one will be in Maryland. Invites will be coming out, you all are welcome and you can RSVP right online at our website.

Also this Fall Sarena Dalton will again be touring on behalf of our ministry. You won't want to miss this as we are embarking on a new project with House of Hope.

Blessings and Thanks!

Chuck Guth
Director of Child Sponsorships
410-877-8452 (Office)
410-446-8127 (Cell)