April 2016

Sponsor Connection

These are exciting times at Remember the Children! First off THANK YOU for being a sponsor and investing in the life of a child. Children are the most vulnerable in God's Kingdom and through sponsors like you we are able to reach out and offer hope.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chuck Guth, and I am the new Director of Sponsorships with Remember the Children. I came on board in January to encourage, grow and maintain the sponsorship program. This includes partnering along side each of you to make sure your sponsorship is valuable to both you and the child you have chosen. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I hope to be able to reach out to you through this Sponsor Connection on a bi-monthly basis. With all the changes, Remember the Children has an updated website, so please check out some of the changes, our bios, and opportunities for you to make a further difference. 


Currently, we have two active sponsorship opportunities. 


One is House of Hope which most of you are familiar with. There, we are providing care on a monthly basis for 25 orphans under the care of Mihai and Dana Micula. The children are doing amazing because of your blessings.


The other program that we are currently working with is an afterschool program in Ciumeghiu. Here, children from the neighborhood and nearby Roma village come 2-3 times a week to the church led by David Olcean for tutoring in schoolwork and for spiritual programming. Right now, we are sponsoring 23 children in the program. 


This summer, we hope to bring the villages of Santandrei online with sponsorship opportunities for the children there. Danny Bagosi is heading up this program. It is our blessing to have had Fork Christian Church provide substantial funding for a community building through their Christmas offering. Plans are underway to construct this building so church services can begin there and the children will have a place to meet. This program will be a one-to-one sponsorship, and we hope to have more details forthcoming in our next update.

Prayer is an important part of any ministry endeavor. 

Besides partnering with us financially, each of these projects can use your prayers:

  • House of Hope - Pray for the overall health of the children. You can understand how quickly colds and viruses can be spread among children. Specifically pray for Jesica, Raul, and Valeria for some of the issues they are struggling with. Andy just spent a week in Satu Mare filming Ana's story (pictured) and testimony. This is being professionally done and will be a great way to further our ministry. Pray that God's will be done through this project. 
  • Children in Ciumeghiu - Pray that they continue to come to the afterschool program and become more fully engaged. Pray for the program to be a light in the community that will bring people to Christ. One recent blessing was a baptism in the community. Despite her husband's threats, one lady decided to become a Christian. To God Be the Glory!
  • Santandrei - As we begin this program please keep it totally in prayer. This is an exciting time in the villages as we provide a place for them to meet and begin to offer a means to improve their financial and spiritual needs. It is great to be a blessing, and we need your prayers.
  • RtC - As we grow, we ask for your prayers that all we do be for His glory as we seek to make a difference in Romania.

Finally, in this season we are finding some pressing financial needs for some of the projects, specifically House of Hope. Your donations are always welcome, and we have made giving even easier. On our website, visit our Donate link. We have a new partnership with iDonate where you can give more than currency, including items such as vehicles, gift cards, and even cell phones.


Right now, we are looking for funding for the following:


  • House of Hope Expenses - We want to help Raul and Valeria at House of Hope with graduation expenses. Also, as the fall approaches more of the children in the house will be attending school, so donations are needed to provide clothing and supplies for them. Please remember your monthly support for each child is really just covering the basic necessities. Things like school supplies are an extra but necessary expense.
  • 25 backpacks for House of Hope children - We had thought about having a backpack program, but it would be better to purchase the backpacks in Romania rather than shipping them over. If you would be interested in providing a backpack, please make the donation online and indicate "where needed most" and type "backpack" in the note section.
  • Summer Camp is quickly approaching and in order to send the children away for a week we need to raise $2800. Currently we still need $2500. Again, you can give online using "Camp Hope" as the designation.


Thank you for your consideration and open hearts! 


Did you see our new logo? Designed by Grace Hansen (Director of Operations), I think it pretty well sums up our ministry and love for Romania. However, you - our sponsors - are our advocates. We cannot do our work without you standing beside us. These are some other ways you can help us:

  • I would still like to get House of Hope 15 more sponsorships so they can meet some of their unfunded needs. 
  • Please tell people about our ministry and your involvement. 
  • We would love to be able to speak at churches or any type of meeting about Romania and child sponsorship. 
  • Direct people to our Facebook page, Twitter, or website
  • Encourage people to contact us with questions, and we will readily get back to them. 

Finally, I encourage you to write to your children. All letters must come through the Rtc office, but we will make sure that they are delivered. Children do not understand the dollars, but rather it is the letters and your prayers that can bring about change. Again, thank you for being a blessing in our ministry and for being a child sponsor. 


Chuck Guth

Director of Child Sponsorships
410-877-8452 (Office)
410-446-8127 (Cell)