Meet Serena...

Serena Dalton is a London based singer songwriter loving all things folk, fun, and chock full of harmonies. With influences from the Civil Wars to Birdy, Johnnyswim to Gabrielle Aplin; it's music that finds its way in with ease.

She sings stories of injustice and hurt, but what sets Serena apart is her insistence that there's more than this. Standing up straight in the middle of all her music is the unavoidable sound of hope. 

Let her speak to you and remind you that there's something more to sing about than who we are but who we could be. 

the music...

Check out Serena's music online or order your own copy of Giant Heart and Rip Tide today! 


New EP release!

Serena just released her newest EP, Rip Tide! The CD costs $11 and all the proceeds go to support the House of Hope! Order your own copy today!


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